Relocation and adaptation of facilities


grupo copese

Job Description

The relocation and adaptation of facilities for Comercial Pecuaria Segoviana (COPESE):

Upon receiving the news from our client COPESE about the new acquisition of the integrated meat center in Villacastín (Segovia), we proceeded with the study and development of the project, always aiming to maximize their investment by adapting existing equipment and manufacturing and installing new machinery according to the needs outlined by the client.

In this instance, we have completed the following:

– Relocation of pork cutting room.
– Relocation of ham profiling line.
– New installation of overhead rails and support structure.
– New installation of automatic box output.
– New installation of automatic ham input for profiling.
– New overhead conveyor for cutting.
– New automatic lifts/lowerings for cutting.
– New telescopic steps in refrigeration chambers.
– Adaptation of automatic cutting descender to table.
– Adaptation of truck connection arms in dispatch.
– Custom manufacturing of carts, hooks, and overhead racks.

With all these actions, we have managed to start one of the most important meat installations at the national level, but above all, we have managed to meet our client’s expectations in record time.

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