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Definition, Development, and Execution of Custom Projects.
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TECNOINCAR is a company dedicated to the design, manufacturing, and assembly of machinery for the agri-food industry. It boasts a team of professionals with extensive experience in the sector, and facilities fully equipped to carry out any type of project.

Our goals are aimed at improving the development of production processes in slaughtering and cutting lines, as well as the quality of our products.


For the design and development of projects, our facilities are equipped with the machinery and the technical and productive capacity necessary to handle large orders and production peaks.

Our facilities span over 4,000 square meters and are fully equipped, divided into:

- Supplier reception
- Technical / Sales office
- Electricity and automation department
- Warehouse and material reception
- Production area
- Pre-assembly area
- Shipping area


One of our main advantages is the ability to carry out projects from start to finish, as we have a project study department, technical department, commercial department, as well as our own production and assembly.


  • sala de despiece 
    Butchery Room Lefrika
    Our client Lefrika, located in Álava, requested the following: - Butchery Room Equipment:   - 2 Pneumatic Articulated Arms on Rail System in the dock area   - 1 Electric Articulated Arm on Rail System in the butchery room area   - 1 Hydraulic loading/unloading arm at the dock   - 1 Butchery line consisting of conveyor belts and workstations You can follow us on our YouTube channel.
  • transportadores aéreos
    Overhead Conveyors Mercazaragoza
    Installation of Overhead Conveyors in the Beef Processing Line for Mercazaragoza Slaughterhouse It's an efficient and modern solution to optimize workflow and enhance productivity. These systems allow for continuous and secure transportation of carcasses and meat pieces throughout the slaughter and butchery process. Advantages of overhead conveyors: Operational efficiency Safety Product quality Space optimization Key Features: Robust structure Modular system Automation Easy maintenance The installation of overhead conveyors in a slaughterhouse is a smart investment that significantly enhances the efficiency, safety, and hygiene of the slaughter and butchery process. With a robust structure and modular design, these systems can be tailored to the specific needs of Mercazaragoza. We manufacture different overhead tracks to meet the needs of each customer. You can follow us on our YouTube channel. oplus_1058
  • Home
    Intestines Cleaner Bopepor
    Clientes Descripcion del trabajo This time our client Bopepor asked us for an Intestine Cleaner. An Intestines Cleaner: is a piece of equipment used in slaughterhouses and meat processing plants to clean the intestines of slaughtered animals, usually pigs or cows. How it works and its purpose: Structure and design: The intestine cleaner usually consists of a machine with a perforated rotating drum or a series of rotating brushes inside. The intestines are introduced into the machine, where they undergo a mechanical cleaning process. Cleaning process: During the process, the intestines are moved through the drum or rubbed with the rotating brushes while being sprayed with pressurized water. This combination of mechanical movement and water helps remove fecal matter, food remnants, and other impurities from the intestines. Quality control and inspection: After passing through the intestine cleaner, the clean intestines are visually inspected to ensure they are completely clean and free of contaminants. This is crucial to ensure food safety and the quality of the final product. Purpose: The main purpose of the intestine cleaner is to prepare the intestines for further processing and packaging. Clean intestines free of impurities are used in the production of sausages and other meat products. Our client enjoys a silo or by-products created and installed by us.
  • Home
    Tape with Blades and Cutting Saw La Comarca Meats
    Our client from La Comarca Meats asked us for this job for a Tape with paddles and a Cutting Saw. MACHINE DESCRIPTION Electromechanical equipment designed for guiding ham hocks to the cutting and subsequent transportation to the container. The machine we have built is made of stainless steel and equipped with an electric drive motodrum, white Intralox S800 OHFT modular belt, and other elements, all suitable for use in the food industry. For more information about this project, please visit our news section. Technical Specifications: Construction: Stainless Steel AISI-304 Use: Transport and Guiding of Ham Hocks Dimensions:                                 Height: 1135mm                                 Length: 2000mm                                 Width: 363mm Drive Type: Interroll Motodrum MI-DM0138,                                       DM1383-A08A03B0E5NFA-363MM                                       SL=356MM  FW=363MM                                        NBR Intralox S800 Rubberized Installed Power: 0.37 kW Service Voltage: 3x220-240/380-415v  50Hz
  • Pork Slaughterhouse for Campofrío
    Pork Slaughterhouse for Campofrío
    Customer Job Description Pork Slaughterhouse for Campofrío. Installation of automatic tubular descenders with lateral bypass function to prevent jams in the pork bleeding line. Link to works. Photo Gallery
  • Sala de Despiece Porcino y Carrileria aérea. Cárnicas Mencas
    Pork Cutting Room and Overhead Track System. Mencas Meat Processing
    CustomerJob Description Cutting Room. Installation of Iberian pork cutting room in Salamanca. Executed according to the client's needs for a capacity of 60 Iberian pigs per hour. The installation of dual-rail overhead track system and cutting equipment such as conveyor belts and independent workstations was carried out, tailored to their requirements. Video link Photo Gallery
  • Sala de Despiece Porcino Copese
    Copese Pork Cutting Room
    CustomerJob Description Copese Pork Cutting Room. Installation of overhead track system along with connecting arms and unloading system for half pig carcasses at the dock. We complemented the installation with a channel descent system to switch from dual-rail track to tubular track over a dynamic roller table. Photo Gallery
  • Hermanos Castaño Ham Factory
    Hermanos Castaño Ham Factory
    Customer Job Description Hermanos Castaño Ham Factory We have completed a new installation of stainless steel lattice overhead track for heavy loads in ham drying rooms. Additionally, we have equipped racks with a capacity for 50 cured hams and stainless steel double-rail transport carts with 4 wheels. We provide customized designs and manufacturing. Visit our website, inquire via chat, or email for more information. Photo Gallery
  • Jamcal Ham Factory
    Jamcal Ham Factory
    CustomerJob Description Jamcal Ham Factory requested a replacement of existing tracks with new stainless steel overhead tracks for heavy loads and stainless steel racks for curing 66 pieces. Photo Gallery
  • Sala de Despiece Ibérico
    Sánchez Romero Carvajal Iberian Cutting Room
    CustomerJob Description Sánchez Romero Carvajal Iberian Cutting Room: Complete cutting room with a capacity of 250 Iberian pigs per hour, equipped with: backbone and loin line, descenders to table, dynamic cutting belts for bones, hams, shoulders, fats, empty boxes, independent cutting stations with grading, aerial conveyors, ham lifts, etc.   Link Video Photo Gallery
  • Aerial Track at Campofrío Burgos
    Aerial Track in Burgos
    Customer Job Description Aerial Track at Campofrío Burgos New stainless steel lattice aerial track with drops for heavy loads (hams) was equipped with the complete installation, as well as pneumatic directional changes. The two-way switch is designed to be integrated into the double-track roadway network and achieve the necessary route in each installation, with a radius of 350 mm, allowing for both right and left turns simultaneously with continuing straight. The three-way switch is designed to be integrated into the double-track roadway network and achieve the necessary route in each installation, with a radius of 350 mm, allowing for both right and left turns. Photo Gallery
  • Skin Conveyor
    Coingasa Skin Conveyor
    Customer Job Description Automated overhead skin conveyor for skin salting, with automatic classification by type for curing. These conveyors play a crucial role in optimizing efficiency in leather and skin processing plants by facilitating the continuous flow of skins through the various stages of the process. You can view photos of the completed work. Video link Photo Gallery
  • Pork Cutting Room
    Mafresa Pork Cutting Room
    Customer Job Description Mafresa Pork Cutting Room Complete equipment of overhead conveyor for carcasses, expansion of chambers with dual-rail overhead track system in aluminum, and pneumatic lifts for piece classification in the cutting room.
  • Meat Processing Room
    Meat Chico Processing Room
    Customer Job Description Chico Meat Processing Room Design, manufacturing, and installation of a new cutting room for 60 white pigs per hour. It consists of dual-rail overhead track systems in chambers, aerial conveyor, and descenders in the cutting area, dynamic conveyors, and independent workstations with lower grading. In the final area, it includes an automatic classifier for hams and shoulders and a conveyor for the exit of filled boxes, among others... Link to works. Photo Gallery
  • Slaughterhouse
    Fontelo Cattle Slaughterhouse
    Job Description Fontelo Cattle Slaughterhouse Installation of a complete beef slaughter line processing 20 head of cattle per hour, byproducts treatment room, rail systems in chambers, and dispatch dock. Link to completed works. Photo Gallery
  • Ham Factory
    Sanchez Romero Carvajal Ham Factory
    Customer Job Description Sánchez Romero Carvajal Ham Factory. Independent lines composed of salt reclaimers, elevated conveyor belts, and salt dosing hoppers over storage tanks. We finish the line with 2 vertical elevators for ham hangers. For our client. Link to completed works.
  • Beef-Pork Slaughterhouse
    Félix García Beef-Pork Slaughterhouse
    Customer Félix García Beef-Pork Slaughterhouse The Félix García facility has a capacity for approximately 10 cattle and 25 pigs per hour. Equipped with a cattle stunning box with head immobilization, a skinning machine capable of handling up to 30 cattle per hour, various fixed and pneumatic work platforms, as well as cutting equipment and a pig scalding and dehairing machine.
  • Sheep Slaughterhouse
    Sheep Slaughterhouse in Segovia
    Customer Sheep slaughterhouse with a capacity of 300 sheep per hour. That's what our client wants. Equipped with: Sheep stunning restrainer, Automatic bleeding and processing conveyors, Elevated work platforms, Sheep skinning equipment, Offal conveyor belt, and automatic weighing system. Link to completed projects. Photo Gallery
  • Exit Lines
    Exit Lines for Purebred Ibérico Pigs
    Customer Job Description Exit Lines for Purebred Ibérico Pigs For this client, we equipped 5 conveyor belts for the evacuation of heads, a lower conveyor belt for the evacuation of fats to a pneumatic cannon, and 2 stainless steel storage silos with a capacity of almost 20,000 kg each, along with their respective maintenance platforms.
  • Cattle Cutting Room and Aerial Conveyor with Sorting
    Cattle Cutting Room and Aerial Conveyor with Sorting. Dastatzen
    Customer Job Description Cattle Cutting Room and Aerial Conveyor with Sorting. Dastatzen Installation of a new cutting and processing room for 10 cattle per hour, including birrail and tubular rail systems in chambers and dispatch areas. This installation is equipped with an automatic aerial classification system based on the type, weight, and origin of the piece, with data dumping to the internal management system and direct label printing. Selected cattle cutting room, chambers, and automatic sorting for our client in the Basque Country.
  • Sala de Despiece
    El Pozo Cutting Room
    CustomerJob Descriptions The cutting room is what our client wanted, for 3 species. It features specific equipment for secondary cutting and profiling of beef, pork, and lamb. We have also installed birrrail overhead rail systems in chambers and receiving docks, as well as equipment to assist in the loading of carcasses and weighing.   Our Projects This is custom heading element
  • Drying Tunnel for Milk
    Drying Tunnel for Milk at Qualery
    Customer Job Description Drying Tunnel for Milk This time, Tecnoincar expands its scope of work beyond the meat sector to equip a client with a powdered milk and cocoa drying line consisting of a powdered milk drying tunnel, mixers, conveyor belts, and product dosing hoppers. Milk drying tunnels are key components in the production of dry dairy products, as they allow for the production of products such as powdered milk, casein, and whey powder, which have a longer shelf life and are easier to store and transport compared to liquid milk. Our Works Photo Gallery
  • Beef and Sheep Slaughterhouse
    Carnicosa Beef and Sheep Slaughterhouse
    Customer Job Description Carnicosa Beef and Sheep Slaughterhouse In accordance with European animal welfare regulations, our client has chosen to equip a cattle stunning box with rear push and head restraint, and an immobilization restrainer for sheep stunning. Photo Gallery
  • Aerial Conveyors
    Aerial Conveyors for Swine at CARTESA
    CustomerJob Description Aerial Conveyors for Swine at CARTESA For our client Cartesa, several actions have been entrusted to us for the upgrade of their slaughter line. Among the most notable are a new bleeding conveyor with a cart elevator, a step-by-step evisceration conveyor, and the remodeling of the current processing conveyor. These improvements optimize process times and ergonomics in the workplace. Link to completed projects. Photo Gallery
  • Processed Foods Factory
    Covap Processed Foods Factory
    Customer Job Description Processed Foods Factory for COVAP. We enhance production, worker ergonomics, and hygiene during product transportation and handling with a line that includes: - Shredder hopper - Dynamic conveyor belts - Dynamic weighing conveyor - Automatic hydraulic press - And several roller conveyors. We also offer a batch packing line for Ham. Link to completed projects. Photo Gallery
  • Byproduct Deposit
    Bopepor Byproduct Deposit
    Customer Job Description A byproduct storage or silo with a capacity of 20m3 entirely made of stainless steel AISI 316 is the new facility. It features a cleaning system, maintenance access, and several product input and supply entries. With the installation of our new storage tank, we enhance our capacity to provide you with a more reliable and efficient service. For Bopepor company. Photo Gallery
  • Cutting Room
    Cutting Room for Carnes Sierra de Madrid
    Customer Job Description New cutting room for Carnes Sierra, a beef cutting room with high cutting capacity adapted to the client's needs and methodology. It features quartering elevators, independent primary cutting stations, bone output line, secondary cutting line with stations for profiling, packaging line, automatic weighing and classification of lean meat. A highly efficient, ergonomic, and productive room.   If you need advice or a quote, don't hesitate to contact us.
  • Relocation and adaptation of facilities
    Relocation and adaptation of facilities for Comercial Pecuaria Segoviana (COPESE)
    Customer Job Description The relocation and adaptation of facilities for Comercial Pecuaria Segoviana (COPESE): Upon receiving the news from our client COPESE about the new acquisition of the integrated meat center in Villacastín (Segovia), we proceeded with the study and development of the project, always aiming to maximize their investment by adapting existing equipment and manufacturing and installing new machinery according to the needs outlined by the client. In this instance, we have completed the following: - Relocation of pork cutting room. - Relocation of ham profiling line. - New installation of overhead rails and support structure. - New installation of automatic box output. - New installation of automatic ham input for profiling. - New overhead conveyor for cutting. - New automatic lifts/lowerings for cutting. - New telescopic steps in refrigeration chambers. - Adaptation of automatic cutting descender to table. - Adaptation of truck connection arms in dispatch. - Custom manufacturing of carts, hooks, and overhead racks. With all these actions, we have managed to start one of the most important meat installations at the national level, but above all, we have managed to meet our client's expectations in record time. Photo Gallery
  • Dynamic Sorting Warehouse
    Dynamic Sorting Warehouse for Campofrío in Burgos
    Customer"Job Description" Installation of a new dynamic sorting warehouse for Burgos for our client Campofrío has been completed. It consists of various overhead conveyors for the reception and sorting of fresh hams for subsequent salting, with a capacity of about 7000 pieces. It features 2 independent stations (Entry / Exit) managed by operators using a touchscreen to control the process. In the entry area, the operator enters the product number (type) and destination track number on the touchscreen. The system transports the ham racks to the specified tracks, keeping track of the quantities and types of racks in each track automatically. In the exit area, the operator selects the track number and the quantity of racks to be removed on the touchscreen, and the conveyor will take them outside the warehouse. Once this operation is complete, the system will wait for a new order. The screens display the current status of the installation, equipment position, and track status. With this solution, our client has streamlined unloading, storage, and sorting tasks through simple and effective piece control. With all these actions, we have managed to start one of the most important meat installations at the national level, but above all, we have managed to meet our client's expectations in record time. Video link
  • Pork Cutting Room
    Pork Cutting Room for Cartesa
    Customer Job Description "Completion of a new pork cutting room installation in Teruel for our client Cartesa. It has a cutting capacity of up to 250 pigs per hour and includes: - Loin cutting line with fixed stations. - Vertical shoulder hanging line. - Primary cutting line: hanging tables, cutting tables, post-primary, and secondary connections. - Secondary cutting lines for main products: ham, shoulder, bacon, ribs. - Box evacuation lines for filled boxes of ham, shoulder, bacon, ribs, loins. - Fat evacuation lines (to bone and fat chamber). - Empty box feeding lines from washer to secondary."   The automation of this room features 5 independent operating modes (selected in the control panel). The main parameter for regulating these operating modes is the desired daily production, adjusting the speed of the assembly accordingly. It also includes a 'Equipment Cleaning' mode. Installation of overhead conveyors Video link
  • Equipment for Beef Slaughterhouse
    Equipment for Beef Slaughterhouse, Comarcal de Torrelavega
    CustomerJob Description New machinery equipment for a beef slaughterhouse in Torrelavega. In accordance with European animal welfare regulations, we proceeded to install a new cattle stunning box with rear push and head trapping (Suitable for Halal ritual), facilitating the stunning and immobilization of the bovine during stunning. In addition to the mentioned box, new centrifugal machines for processing beef by-products, a stomach washer, and a hoof washer are being installed, thus updating the tripe area. We also installed a hydraulic loading arm at the dock, a lightweight and efficient equipment that will assist in the logistical tasks of loading and unloading carcasses. With these new equipments, the regional slaughterhouse of Torrelavega will be able to continue offering a quality service and be completely modernized. If you want a customized quote, please contact Tecnoincar.
  • Cutting Room
    Equipment for Jimenez Montero Cutting Room
    Customer Job Description This time, we equipped a small but functional pork cutting room for our neighbor from Talavera de la Reina, Jiménez Montero. Our client had three clear premises: 1. Functionality 2. Efficiency 3. Ergonomics in the workplace Based on these requirements, a simple and highly productive technical solution was proposed. Apart from renewing the accumulation tube via channels, a tubular cart dispenser was installed, leading to an automatic descender to the table, followed by a channel separator, so that each operator could have their channel at their independent stations to carry out the primary cutting. Once done, the pieces are transferred to a central conveyor for further trimming at the independent secondary cutting stations, both with cutting surfaces, holes for piece disposal, and 2 lower classifications with box supports. As reflected in the chart on one of the room's walls: Work, Organization, Discipline; Pride, Improvement... Make Jiménez Montero more than just a cutting room. Video link If you need a customized quote, call us or write to us.
  • Conveyor Belts
    Conveyor Belts for Boxes and Trays. Arcadie
    Customer Job Description Equipment of several conveyor belts and aligners according to the client's needs: In this project for Arcadie: Overhead conveyor belts Conveyor belts with diversion Belts for full boxes Tray positioners on belts Custom solutions for logistics centers, processing rooms, and cutting rooms. Video link You can see other completed projects.
  • Maintenance Platforms
    High-level Maintenance Platforms for Campofrío
    Customer Job Description High-level Maintenance Platforms for Campofrío  is what we installed outdoors for maintenance of industrial equipment. Design and manufacturing compliant with safety standards for work at height. Photo Gallery
  • Inclined Conveyor Belt and Maintenance Platform
    Inclined Conveyor Belt and Maintenance Platform for Campofrío
    Customer Job Description Inclined Conveyor Belt and Maintenance Platform   Conveyor Belt: We equipped a small but effective inclined conveyor belt for our client Campofrío, with anti-reverse pushers, and adapted a new maintenance platform with its respective safety elements. Design and manufacturing compliant with safety standards for work at height.
  • Pneumatic Press
    Pneumatic Press for Boxed Product at Carnicas Chamberi
    Customer"Job Description" Pneumatic Press for Boxed Product Our client, Carnicas Chamberi, requested a solution for pressing boxes in picking prior to freezing. In this case, we designed and custom-manufactured 2 high-performance pneumatic presses with all the safety features for the operator. Thanks to this new equipment, the client has achieved a significant improvement in times, safety, and efficiency in the picking and dispatch area of finished products.
  • Blood Boiler for Cumbres Mayores Slaughterhouse
    Blood Boiler for Cumbres Mayores Slaughterhouse
    Customer Job Description Blood Boiler in Huelva. We equipped a new line for blood collection at the Cumbres Mayores slaughterhouse. The final transport of the blood will be to the cooker, which, through steam and an interior agitator, dehydrates the blood to make its removal easier.
  • Fuel Dispenser Shelters
    Fuel Dispenser Shelters
    CustomerJob Description Fuel Dispenser Shelters. Tinerfeña de Lubricantes. This time we step outside the food industry, but on this occasion, we manufacture and install several fuel dispensers for our client Tinerfeña de Lubricantes. A different but very satisfying job. We never turn down an interesting project. .
  • Canopy Covers for Car Washes
    Canopy Covers for Car Washes. SOLOIL TALAVERA
    Customer Job Description Canopy Covers for Car Washes. Soloil Talavera. Where every car is special, and exclusive treatment for your vehicle. Once again, outside the food industry scope, this time we fabricate and install 4 canopy covers for a pressure car wash. At Tecnoincar, we design anything you propose. Photo Gallery
  • ham batches
    Line for packaging ham batches. Covap.
    Customer Job Description We improved production, worker ergonomics, and hygiene during product transport and handling with 2 lines for packaging ham batches. These lines include double dynamic conveyor belts with low-friction bands to enhance product sliding and cleanliness of the work area, lower and upper supports for product and tool storage, and an electrical control panel with independent variable speed drives. A custom-made solution tailored to the client's seasonal production needs. Video link: Photo Gallery
  • Slaughterhouse
    Halal Beef and Sheep Slaughterhouse in Algeria. Abattoir Taiba.
    Customer Job Description "Slaughterhouse for Beef and Sheep On this occasion, we designed, manufactured, and equipped a new beef and sheep slaughterhouse in Algeria. With this installation, we provided the region with a modern slaughterhouse featuring 2 slaughter lines capable of processing up to 100 cattle and 300 sheep per day. The client requested two slaughter lines with cutting rooms suitable for Halal ritual, overhead rails in the preservation chambers, all complying with European standards of hygiene in the workplace. Among the most notable equipment, we can highlight a rotary box for Halal slaughter, a skinning machine capable of processing 30 cattle per hour, and a restrainer for immobilizing and stunning sheep, among others... For more information Photo Gallery
  • Pig Depilator: 170 Iberian pigs per hour
    Pig Depilator: 170 Iberian pigs per hour. Mafresa
    Customer Job Description We installed a new pig depilator with a capacity of up to 170 Iberian pigs per hour. This installation included the conditioning of the client's current scalding system and the provision for a new vertical scalding equipment with showers. Thanks to this equipment, the client has achieved depilation results in line with the quality of the final product."
  • Beef Cutting Room
    Beef Cutting Room and Overhead Rail System. Benfer
    Customer Job Description Beef Cutting Room. We design, manufacture, and equip a new beef cutting room in Asturias. It features receiving docks with hydraulic loading arms and articulated arms to facilitate direct unloading from trucks. Beef carcass preservation chambers equipped with double rail overhead monorail with galvanized steel handling structure. And a cutting room with pneumatic lowers on support framework, individual work tables with lower box supports. Main conveyor for processed product and upper conveyor for bone disposal. A simple, functional, and operational room. Photo Gallery
  • "Weighing and Packing Line. Carnes Sierra de Madrid"
    Weighing and Packing Line. Carnes Sierra de Madrid
    Customer Working We design, manufacture, and equip a new weighing and packing room at Carnes Sierra de Madrid. This line is integrated within the butchery room itself, consisting of a set of conveyor belts with upper supports for boxes, roller paths for dispatching full boxes, and stainless steel support platforms for weighing equipment. With this line, we achieve a continuous flow of packaged product and facilitate its sorting, weighing, and packing. Video link.
  • Sala despiece porcino
    Porcine butchery room. Purebred Iberian
    This is custom heading element Job Description Porcine Butchery Room: Purebred Iberian: - Channel descender to table - Primary cutting belts - Central belts for dissected product - Independent workstations - Lines for the evacuation of filled boxes - Fat and bone evacuation line - Various racks for hams, loins, bellies... - Rotating table for product collection This series of incremental works allows our client to be always prepared for any production needs that may arise. Photo Gallery
  • Pneumatic truck connection arms. Campofrío
    Pneumatic truck connection arms
    This is custom heading element Job Description Design, manufacturing, and assembly of pneumatic truck connection arms. This involves a set of articulated arms with pneumatic operation that allows the connection of the overhead rail system at the reception and dispatch area with trucks. These equipments facilitate the loading and unloading of carcasses directly from the truck. This work was carried out for Campofrío. Link to completed works.
  • Overhead birrail track system
    Overhead birrail track system. Cons Lecha
    Customer Job Description "Design, manufacturing, and assembly of overhead birrail track system. New installation of overhead birrail track system for chambers and cutting room. Video link.
  • Overhead Birrail Rail System Ceuta
    Aerial birrail rail system and handling structure. Ceuta
    Customer Job Description Rail area carriage. Design, manufacturing, and assembly in the new installation of articulated arm and maintenance structure for refrigeration chambers in Ceuta. Photos
  • "Horse Walker"
    Horse Walker
    We continue to expand our scope of work beyond the Meat Sector. Tecnoincar once again leads the way in Spain, this time with a Horse Walker. Our first experience was with a Self-Sustaining Mobile Slaughterhouse. Our client has an Equestrian Center and wants to start working with and training the younger horses. The oval Horse Walker has been designed for transporting hangers with chains, with a separation between them to allow movement of the horses within the oval. The horse walker operates in both directions, depending on its operating mode. It is fully automated, with an electrical panel defining each type of operation. In it, we can visualize times, speed, and programs. The entire structure is made of Galvanized Steel and fully customized according to our client's specifications. You can find more information in our News section. "In our News section, you can find detailed information. You can also view our work on YouTube.    
  • Multispecies Slaughterhouse
    Multispecies Slaughterhouse Orduña
    We have gone to Orduña to carry out this project, an installation of a Multispecies Slaughterhouse for the Bedarbide Livestock Association. "With cutting-edge equipment and an efficient process, we guarantee the highest quality in the slaughter and processing of livestock. Modern facilities adapted to current regulations, this slaughterhouse offers a clean, hygienic, and well-equipped space to meet the needs of local farmers. The new Multispecies Slaughterhouse installation has been meticulously planned and designed by Tecnoincar Toledo. "The need for a versatile slaughterhouse capable of handling multiple livestock species such as cows, pigs, and sheep has been taken into account. Our company, Tecnoincar Toledo, has carried out the construction of the slaughterhouse, installing specific areas for the slaughter, cutting, and processing of different species. Equipment and Machinery: Specialized equipment for the slaughter and cutting of livestock has been incorporated, including: Aluminum Birrail Systems, Pneumatic Slaughter Platform, Scalding tank, slaughterhouse structure, scales, tables, pneumatic pump... and much more. Workflow System: The multispecies slaughterhouse has been designed with an efficient workflow system to ensure smooth operation. Separate and dedicated areas have been established for each stage of the process, from the arrival of the livestock to the preparation of the meat for distribution. Benefits and Implementation: Versatility: The multispecies slaughterhouse allows for the slaughter and processing of different livestock species in one location. Increased Control and Efficiency: With this installation, you have greater control over the quality and process of slaughter and cutting of your livestock. Compliance with Regulations: The installation complies with all sanitary and animal welfare regulations, ensuring an ethical and legal process. You can see more of our work on our YouTube channel.
  • Senegal Slaughterhouse
    Beef and Pork Slaughtering Line for Senegal
    Imonergy in Senegal requested a Beef and Pork Slaughtering Line and a Pork Cutting Room. Pork Slaughterhouse: It has a slaughter and butchering line with a capacity of 15 animals per hour for a daily production of 120 pigs. The facilities corresponding to the pork slaughterhouse will include pens capable of holding up to 60 animals. It will have a slaughter line with rooms and chambers for the treatment of by-products (blood, white offal, red offal, etc.) with refrigeration chambers for stabilization. Beef Slaughterhouse: Slaughter and butchering line of 20 animals per hour, equipped with rooms and chambers for the treatment of by-products (blood, hooves, horns, viscera, etc.) with refrigeration chambers intended to reach the desired temperature inside the carcass. You can see the facilities on our YouTube channel. Visit our Online Store for more information. To stay up-to-date with our work, visit our News section.